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Money can not buy Everything…


A very rich merchant had a daughter. He provided her each and every facility. She had everything in her big room. Each item was very expensive whether it was her dresses, her accessories, room’s furniture etc. The rich merchant was scared to let her go out alone as she was the only daughter in his family. She did not go anywhere without her luxury car.In spite of all these luxuries, she was not happy and felt all alone.

One day she got down with fever.  The rich merchant called many doctors to get her well soon. Each doctor prescribed their own medicine. She was not recovering after all efforts. The rich merchant was very worried. He called up his elder brother who was the farmer by profession and told him about her condition. His elder brother asked him to bring her at his place.

The rich merchant agreed and took her to his elder brother. When his brother saw his daughter, He understood the cause of her illness. First day, he started talk to her as a friend and brought her in his fields where his servants were working very hard. They were ploughing the fields and sweating but still looked very happy. She was surprised to see them working together and enjoying the work. She saw greenery around her and was very relaxed there. In the evening, when she came back at home, her aunt served her simple veg food with love. She ate the food like she was hungry from many years.

She did not take any medicine throughout the day. After dinner her aunt did all the arrangements for sleeping outside the home under the moon light. She was chasing the stars and moon while lying down the bed.  She was very happy and forgot all her illness. Second day she visited the whole village of her uncle by walking only. She saw some kids were playing; some ladies were talking to each other while doing household works. Some men were playing cards under the tree etc. She was so tired and came back to home and slept. In the evening when her uncle came, he saw her in deep sleep and looked at her face which was smiling. Her uncle called his brother to come.

The next day rich merchant reached at his brother’s home. He did not see his daughter there and asked his brother’s wife about his daughter. She told him that the daughter had gone in the fields with her uncle. The rich merchant ran out to the fields. He was shocked to see his daughter happy and healthy. She was talking with her uncle. When she saw his father, she ran towards his father, hugged him and thanked him to bring her here. They all enjoyed there. The rich merchant asked his brother that how had he done it? He provided everything to his daughter but still she was not happy and remained very sick. But after coming in a small village where people works so hard to get two time meals, she got so active. Then the rich merchant’s elder brother told him that he did nothing, just became her friend, and gave her freedom, love and care that she needed.

The rich merchant understood and went back with his daughter with moral that happiness is not in material things, it comes with freedom, love and friendship.


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