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Concept of Webservices


Webservice – A webservice is a name I think you had lot of time now I will tell you what is web service and why it is used and why it is the most popular form  to transfer the data. If I elaborate web service it would be like a services available over the web. Services could be anything like to get list of employee of a particle company, To get the information about food of particular restaurant,  about new shopping malls, new colleges or could be anything. it means you can get the access over the data by using the web services. Now question is why Web Services so popular these days before reading the concept of web service.

Let’s understand with an example. Suppose your friend has written all the simple and complex formulas and functions of mathematics, and you want to use that functions in your project. Your friend is at different place than you.  Then how you can access that functions or logic:

  • One solution is that your friend can give the build file to you, and you can build in your project.
  • 2nd solution is that you can directly call or access the functions he has written. (webservices concept)

2nd solution seems better as in first solution; as many times your friend will do some changes in the code. You have to build again and again.

In 2nd solution you can directly call the methods on your machine. This is the power of web service.


Why Webservices :

As above we saw the power of web services. The main key purpose of using webservies are like code re-usability, you don’t have to write code which is already written.

Less maintainability- if your code is written at one place, then maintenance will be easy task.


Types of Webservices

There are 2 types of Webservices








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