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Abbreviation MCQ Set 3

  1. What is the full form of “EXIM Bank”?

External Investment Mode

Export Import Bank of India

Exclusive Monthly Installment

Extra Premium Insurance Made




  1. What is the full form of “CDBS”?


Central Data Base System

Consolidated Database System

Consolidated Data Base Search

Committee of Direction on Banking Statistics




  1. What is the full form of “DRT”?


Debt Recovery Tribunals

Divided and Revised Trading

Deposit for Returning Traders

Development and Rapid Transition




  1. What is the full form of “UBB”?


Uniform Balance Book

United Bureau of Banking

Unified Banking Business

Undivided Broking Balance




  1. What is the full form of “AIDS”?



Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome

Acquired Immune Decency Syndrome

Acquired Immune Defense Syndrome




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